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About us

Why online coaching

When coach Vargas started training for triathlons in 1985, there was no such thing as a triathlon coach. He bought a copy of Triathlete magazine back then but it did not tell him how to train. He was a swimmer and knew how to train for that and also ran in high school which gave him some ideas there. However cycling was a little bit of a mystery for him and no one knew how to combine all three sports into something that allowed him to do his best on race day. Fast forward 30 years later and today athletes do not have to worry as much about not having triathlon coaching resources. Even if no one in your town or city knows how to train people properly for triathlon you can now utilize the internet and get as good a service as you could locally.

Why us?

Our company has been coaching online since 2001 and the current coaches bring over 30 years of personal triathlon experienced as well as USA Triathlon coaching certifications. The services you can sign up for at SmartTriathlonTraining are not only those of a web site but are very personal with support from the coaching staff You get a custom online training plan, access to our forum and best of all unlimited email support from coach Vargas and other highly qualified coaches.

Is the program for me

Our coaches work with first time sprint triathletes to professional triathletes. We can help you lose some pounds and compete at the local sprint, as well as guide you for what it takes to be able to compete with the best in the world in Kona. SmartTriathlonTraining allows you to have a customized plan based on your experience, fitness, days available and goal. If that was not enough add personal and custom changes by the coaches and you should have the best training schedule possible.


SmartTriathlonTraining gives you features that can adapt you training plan. First and foremost the coaches can always be contacted and changes can be made based on your personal situation. However, the web site includes features that allow you to add fun and secondary races that you can do with a small taper and recovery without losing aim towards your main goal. Finally when life calls and you miss substantial training the plan can be adjusted in order to prevent any injuries from inconsistent training. Life is not always predictable and your SmartTriathlonTraining plan can adapt with you.

What are my options?

There are two types of programs available at SmartTriathlonTraining: The Peak Performance plan and The Maintenance plan.

The Peak Performance plan is for you if you have a goal race that will happen between 12-20 weeks from the starting date you pick for your program. If the goal race is less than 12 weeks from your desired starting date contact us to discuss if it would be possible for SmartTriathlonTraining to help you. Alternatively, if your goal race is more than 20 weeks from your desired starting date we do recommend some training but not with the focused peak performance plan. Use our Maintenance plan instead.

The Maintenance schedule is for you if you have a goal race further out than 20 weeks from your desired program start date. This schedule is designed to keep you fit until you enter the 20-week-to-race window. It is a training program that is still based on your fitness and ultimate goal, but is modified to keep you fresh and fit without pushing you more than I feel is reasonable for too long a period of time.

What will I get

Once you sign up at SmartTriathlonTraining a training plan will be designed that is specifically customized for you.

The maintenance plan: This program will be a guide for you to maintain fitness in those sports where your fitness is in good form prior to starting the focused peak performance plan. However, if your fitness is lacking in any of the sports the plan will build that fitness to an appropriate level. It is a flexible schedule in that if workouts are missed or cut short, no change will be necessary for future weeks. Included will be maintenance workouts for swimming, cycling, and running as well as strength training. All workouts are generally shorter versions of what you will progress into during the Peak Performance plan.

The peak performance plan: This program takes you through a build and a 100% base phase, it later adds bricks (bike and run combination workouts) and takes you into a speed work phase. Finally it begins a taper phase leading up to your key goal race. You will be given a strength training plan necessary for peak performance under the methods. A great feature of the peak performance plan is the ability to enter the percentage completed for each training session and have the plan adjusted if necessary.

How much does it cost?

Both programs are priced on a per week basis.

Peak Performance Plan:

$29/week with an initial purchase of 6 weeks. The remaining weeks of the schedule may be purchased weekly.

Maintenance Plan:

$19/week with an initial purchase of 3 weeks. The remaining weeks of the plan may be purchased weekly.

Both the Maintenance and Peak Performance plans may be purchased in whole if you wish to pay all at once. You will only be able to see the weeks on your schedule that you have paid for. For example, if you have a 20-week Peak Performance Program but have only paid for the minimum first 6 weeks, you will only be able to see those weeks until more weeks have been purchased.

It is recommended to pay for the whole program in the beginning. By doing this you can see the entire plan from day one of your training. This has helped a lot of athletes to allocate their physical and mental energy appropriately. Knowing than an upcoming week is easy yet the next more challenging helps to pace your effort over the course of the program.
Also by knowing what is coming up in future weeks you are better able to plan the scheduling of workouts within the realities of your personal life.

Sample Program

For a better idea of how a training program looks, see a week or a sample workout.

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