The coaching staff at SmartTriathlonTraining may not be the largest in the business, but it has what could arguably be considered the most skilled in the sport. Over a half century of experience! Our effectiveness at guiding others in their triathlon pursuits is based on this massive volume of personal experience as well as years spent fine-tuning our ability to dissect all questions triathlon and hone in on exactly what needs to be done to help our clients when they have questions or concerns.

Coaching is certainly part science, and each of us continues to immerse ourselves in the most cutting edge research in an effort to bring the most effective tools to our profession and to you. But the real litmus test of any coach is their ability to bring answers to questions that come from the real world of training, racing and life. This is something we pride ourselves in being able to do better than just about anyone!

We give our best to each and every person we coach and will take whatever amount of time is necessary to help them with any and all issues that arise in their journey through the world of triathlon training and racing.