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Yearly Membership plus Dec


Price: $1,049.00
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2016 Calendar year coaching and training plans plus December 2017. Please read the details of the offer.  By buying this yearly membership you agree to the terms and conditions explained here.

The 2017 year membership entitles you to all the benefits of a regular Coaching member.

-Each program entirely customized

-Multiple race planning

-Accommodates race plan changes

-Proper training phases

-Heart rate ranges

-Pitfall avoidance

-Adaptation to missed workouts

-Training and Technique videos

-Unlimited contact with the coaches via a private 'ask the coach' page.

Once a month your account will receive 6 peak performance credits and 6 maintenance credits. This should allow to always having the right training program for each month. Should you for any reason become unable to use our services we will from the last week that you made a training program or from the time you notify us,

whichever is later, give you credits at regular price. These credits are to be used once you are able to get back into training. For example you made a program until June of 2017 and now you decide to take the rest of  the year off because your job just changed and have no time. We will give you credit for the remaining 6 months at regular price. That will be $470.00  of peak performance credits at current credit pricing. You will be taken off the yearly membership list and given the peak performance credits.

There are no refunds with this offer. There is only credit as outline above. I hope you can take good advantage of the yearly, if you use it wisely you will have your best season ever and the great pricing is a real plus.

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The best offer. No interruptions in your coaching and a great price.
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This is a limited time offer. It expires 12/31/15