Sprint Distance
Training for a Sprint distance triathlon

The sprint distance triathlon. Any human powered race that lasts over an hour should not be called a sprint since it requires some good endurance training. But we cannot change the name. If your main goal is to compete and do well in a sprint triathlon you are visiting the right place. Sprint triathlons are generally 400 to 750 yards or meters, 10 miles to 20 Kilometers of cycling and about a 5 kilometer run. Race directors do not have to follow a standard race distance and can deviate a little to fit a certain route or for safety reasons. But no fear, our training plans and coaching will be sufficient for any of the distances above.

The sprint triathlon is one of the reason why the sport has grown so much over the past years. The relative short distances which are not daunting allow many to train properly and finish a triathlon without having to give up your life. Many charity oriented races love this distance as the combination of getting in shape and contributing to a cause attracts many people who would otherwise may not enter a triathlon.

If you are a beginner this is one of our preferred distances to train for. These relative shorter distances allow your body to get used to training for 3 sports without too much breakdown .

For a beginner our recommendation is to at least do each sport twice a week. Doing a sport less than twice a week will not allow your body to adapt to its stress. Add to this 2 sessions of strength training and now you have 8 sessions each week. That is the bare minimum we recommend in order to avoid injury and to have a gratifying experience on race day.

Intermediate and advance competitors at the sprint distance can choose to work out more times a week for top conditioning on race day. Another consideration for advance competitors at the sprint distance is to train for the sprint as if it was an Olympic distance race. This is also an option for competitors coming down from years of Ironman or half ironman racing but taking a break from the long distance training.

If your sprint triathlon is in the next 12 to 22 weeks this is the perfect time to start with us. You are ready for our peak performance program. This program takes you through three phases of training (base, speed, and taper) and provides you with daily workouts including tips to help you gain the most benefit from each of these sessions. The program incorporates heart rate zones so that you will maximize your fitness gains, and also includes a four phase strength training program, tips on nutrition, mental focus guidelines, equipment checklists and more. The fee for the peak performance program is US $29.00 per week.

You want to sign up and obtain a user name and password by opening an account fist. If you have an account already you want to log in and follow the steps to get your program started. If you have any questions feel free to contact us

If your sprint triathlon is in more than 22 weeks your best bet is to get started with our Maintenance Program, which is designed to help build and maintain a base of off-season fitness while still enabling you to recover perfectly to be able to slot comfortably into our peak performance program later. The fee for the maintenance program is US$19.00 per week.

No matter what program you start with each one is designed specifically around your individual needs, level of fitness and training preferences. Our custom training schedules along with the support you receive from us will ensure that you have your best performance at your main goal race. Feel free to contact us us see our demonstration of how our coaching works.

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